Liked the smell and texture of your henna! Tried many brands, but yours is the best. Used both, herbal henna and natural henna, truly it is natural. The hair colour didn’t fade away after many washes and it gives a great shine to the mane! Recommended 100%.

I also used orange peel powder and arjuna powder, it was gentle and suited my skin very well.

So satisfied on the prompt responses and the manner in which each of my query is patiently answered! Nithya Dakshinamurthy

-Erode, Tamil Nadu, India

Used neem powder and orange peel powder on extremely oily skin and can see major difference after regular usage. Thank You!

Loved your products! Your product quality deserves appreciation. Faiza Hasnain Patel

-Panvel, Maharashtra, India

My face feels soft and bright after using orange peel powder + multani mitti!

Amazed by how reetha powder makes my hair soft. -Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

Used neem powder and orange powder. It feels so natural on the skin, works effectively and no side effects at all! Will definitely shop again! Shirin Fatima

-Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India

Multani Mitti + Orange Peel Powder helped de-tan my skin and it feels fresh too! -Faridabad, Haryana, India

Used multani mitti + orange peel powder. Works really well, quality is so good! Used various other brands but this is sheer love! Bandarawela, Sri Lanka

Used Multani Mitti + Methi Powder along with Aloe Vera Gel as an anti-aging remedy, I could very well see a glow on my face within two days! -Faridabad, Haryana, India

Methi, Bhringraj and Brahmi Powder were like magic for my curly hair. I made a mask from these and results were noticeable. The aroma is so natural and soothing! -Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India

Orange peel powder makes my skin feel soft and fresh. Also, the quantity is impressive!

In addition to this, I used Bhringraj Powder along with Aloe Vera and the results are visible – my hair has become softer and manageable. -Durgapur, West Bengal, India

Instant results and loving the quality of the products!
-South Extension, New Delhi, India

Really liked Multani Mitti, Orange Peel Powder and Neem Powder!
-Mangalore, Karnataka, India

Multani Mitti is a stellar product and a must buy from Red Rose!

Been using orange peel powder for some time now and it has removed stubborn tan from my skin!

Natural henna is acting as a good conditioner and is also helping in growing my hair. This is a natural hair dye and better than any other hair product. -Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Skin-Friendly products – loved using them! -Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Used Amla, Bhringraj, Methi, Rose and Reetha Powders, results are superb. My hair has become smooth and texture has improved. -Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India

I was looking for something that would suit my face and skin type. Really good, give it a try! – Multani Mitti -Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

I made a paste using Bhringraj Powder. It acted as a conditioner, rejuvenated my scalp and improved my hair follicles which in turn helped me with hair growth. The product is non-toxic and fully natural so there are no detrimental side effects. -Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India

I applied it on a client, she had extremely dry and frizzy hair and after the application of herbal hair mask, the end result was softer hair! -Faridabad, Haryana, India

I applied a mask using your amla + brahmi powders and felt my hair to be shinier and softer than usual! -Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

Satisified with the products and visible results! -Paschim Vihar, New Delhi, India

Orange Peel Powder + Multani Mitti + Rose Petal Powder is excellent! My skin was so soft after using it and your herbal henna is too good as well! -Jaffarkhanpet, Tamil Nadu, India

Arjuna Powder is really good to treat acne, exfoliates the skin well, cleanses the pores and is also good for scarring. It did make my pores clean and also shrank them in a visible way.

My hair was shinier and looked nicer after using Bhringraj Powder.

Orange Peel Powder helps to tighten and tones the skin which is why it is good for acne and wrinkles. After the application, my skin did look brighter and well exfoliated.

I am very pleased with your products! -Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom

I am loving your 100% natural multani mitti. I had felt the softness on my skin in just a single day! -Panchkula, Haryana, India

Multani Mitti as a hair mask – mix it with coconut/almond oil pre-shower. It deeply nourishes the hair! This is the purest mixture I’ve ever used! -Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Being all natural, this henna gives the perfect original stain without any side effects. For me, it’s a 5-star product. -Patna, Bihar, India

I have oily and acne prone skin and your Multani Mitti is my only saviour. Been using it for more than 10 years now, the goodness and purity of the product is unmatched. -Pitampura, New Delhi, India

I used your multani mitti with honey. It worked well on my skin giving it an instant boost of freshness and helped in eliminating excess oil and impurities.

I love using the Orange Peel Powder, I can use it with various ingredients and make my own facepack. It feels very refreshing on the skin. I didn’t notice any irritation or any dryness too.

After using your tulsi powder in my DIY packs for 2-3 times, my skin has started to feel clean and fresh. I totally suggest this product – you won’t be disappointed after using it.

This shikakai powder is 100% natural. It does help with dirt and dandruff. It also makes the hair smooth and adds a little bounce. Works well for people with oily scalp! -Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Orange Peel Powder had no side effects on my skin and the natural glow and smoothness could be seen instantly. The best part about this product is you can use it for making DIY packs. Another thing is that as soon as you open the pack, you get the real fragrance which makes you believe that it is purely natural. I rate it 5/5.

I was confused whether I should try using Amla, Reetha and Shikakai Powders because it might get messy while applying. But, after the first experience of the DIY packs that I created using these products, all my queries were resolved. The cooling and soothing sensation was much better than what you get at a salon! – Must try products. -Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Orange Peel Powder made my skin so soft. After rinsing it, I did not need to apply a cream, my skin was that smooth. This product makes your dream come true and suits almost all skin types.

Neem and Bhringraj Powder made my hair silky and my hairfall is getting reduced each passing day after using these. -Garo Hills, Meghalaya, India

I tried your Herbal Hair Mask and used it once with oil and the other time with curd. Both the ways I found the result to be astounding. It gave strength to my hair and now they feel smooth and fresh. You have great products! -Faridabad, Haryana, India

I literally adore all products from your range and highly urge people to use them! Yours is the only brand I have found to serve only natural products to its customers. I will never look for natural products from any other brand now! -Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

I absolutely loved the quality and texture of my hair post using the herbal hair mask. -Faridabad, Haryana, India

Amazing products, been using them in face packs and hair masks for a while now and the results are too good. Love how So much information on how to use them is provided. -Rohini, New Delhi, India

Multani Mitti works well to keep my skin smooth and gives a natural glow! Shukra Anwer

-Gampola, Sri Lanka

This is the best henna I have ever used on my hair – it contains a wide variety of herbs too which makes your hair super soft while naturally colouring them. It even helps with hair loss and treats dandruff. -Pune, Maharashtra, India

Literally in love with the colour of the henna! -Pitampura, New Delhi, India

Used neem powder twice in a hair pack and saw great results!

Also used orange peel powder and multani mitti, felt really good. The marks have reduced visibly. -Mangaluru, Karnataka, India

Been using Brahmi and Bhringraj Powder mixed in curd for past 4 weeks now and I’ve seen tremendous improvement. My hairfall has almost stopped and hair have become lustrous than ever!

Mulethi Powder is my daily go-to product to detan my face and neck! -Pitampura, New Delhi, India

I used your henna – Fine sifted, gives a very dark stain and had stringy consistency. -Elmhurst, New York, USA

Multani Mitti + Orange Peel Powder – best products and so refreshing!
-Mohali, Punjab, India

Used multani mitti twice and it worked pretty well for my dry skin. It is the perfect face mask!

The product is great, I have used it just once but the result was too good. It is a natural weekly remedy to soften your hair and make them shiny. There are no side-effects of this product as it is made of natural herbs only. I’m in love with this product and will definitely recommend it! – Herbal Hair Mask

  -Greater Faridabad, Haryana, India

Love your henna powder! Smells so good and the colour is perfect. I give it a 10/10! -Hilversum, North Holland, Netherlands

Positive result from Mulethi Powder – Shinier, softer and relatively straight hair! My main issue i.e. frizz is so much better! -Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, India

Tried your henna on my hair, gave the feel like I had applied a home-made mask. It feels so natural and gives an effective result. It’s really good! Will definitely purchase more. -Thalassery, Kerala, India

I really like your henna powder and will definitely purchase more! -Kassel, Germany

Orange Peel Powder has a good effect and reduces tanning quite well. -Ashok Vihar, New Delhi, India

Orange Peel Powder effectively cleanses your skin. It deep cleanses your pores and prevents blackheads, white heads, acne and pimples! -Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

I used rose petal powder + orange powder, really very fantastic! -Pattukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India

I made a hair mask using your Bhringraj, Brahmi, Amla and Shikakai Powder – there was wonderful softness in the hair! -Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Red Rose Methi Powder is free from chemicals which makes it pure and natural. I have seen good results from the first application itself. Totally recommended.

Multani Mitti gives instant results from the first use itself and is very soft on the skin. -Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Used shikakai and reetha powders and very happy with the results. I will buy more products very soon! -Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

I’ve been using Neem, Orange and Multani Mitti for a few weeks now and have been receiving compliments for my radiant skin! -Pitampura, New Delhi, India

I liked your rose petal powder. The best part is it can be used on both hair and skin and works effectively! -Faridabad, Haryana, India

Neem has anti-bacterial properties that’s good for one’s hair and skin. I have eczema on my hands and hairline. It helps with oily skin, dark circles, dry skin and dry scalp. I mixed it with water and applied it to my hair. It helped with my dryness tons and acted as a really good deep conditioner. Recommended to all people having problems with dry scalp!

Orange Peel Powder made my skin instantly brighter, glowy and more even. -Oviedo, Florida, USA

Mehendi was so natural and the stain was very dark. Thanks a lot! -Secunderabad, Telangana, India

Want to go natural? Use orange peel powder – fantastic results! -Faridabad, Haryana, India

Baheda Powder when applied on the hair cleanses the scalp thoroughly – you won’t need a shampoo after rinsing it. It has strengthening action, stimulates hair growth and helps in dealing with fragile and thin hair. An absolutely fantastic product for hair!

Applied multani mitti as a mask and rinsed it post 15 minutes. The result was purified, clean, soft, bright and regenerated skin!

Brahmi Powder made my hair soft, shiny, clean and moisturised!

Red Rose is synonymous with their product quality and seriousness. Totally vouch for their products. -Catania, Sicily, Italy

Methi and Orange peel powder completely do justice to what they claim! 100% satisfied. -Faridabad, Haryana, India