Bhringraj Powder

Bhringraj powder, also known as Eclipta Alba, is an herb that has been used throughout India for centuries. Bhringraj is best known for its proposed hair. the secret to hair health lies within the bhringraj herb. Indians have long used the powder as a way to help prevent hair loss and discoloration, to encourage hair growth and improve overall hair health.

Mix the powder with water or oil to create a paste you can apply to the scalp. Bhringraj is also already added in certain shampoos to help rejuvenate the hair and scalp.


Benefits :

1. Bhringraj is very effective on dry and dull hair as it will deeply nourish the hair.
2. It gives relief in the hair fall and stimulates the scalp for new hair growth.
3. It is also beneficial in the infections like dandruff and controlling parasites like lice.
4. With the help of bhringraj, you can achieve shiny and soft hair.
5. Moreover, this herb also prevents baldness and premature hair graying.

Please note :

  • The product is meant for external use only.
  • Please do a patch test before use if you have any skin/hair issues.
  • Effects will be gradual and steady since this is a natural product.
  • The colour of the product may change over time but its efficacy will remain the same.