Baheda Powder

Baheda is more commonly known as Bibhitaki& botanically known as Terminalia bellerica. Baheda is one of the three fruits used in Triphala and is a large deciduous tree found throughout India.

Benefits of Baheda

  • supports hair health.

The powder form of baheda comes with vital nutrients that help in keeping hair stronger. It is used for repairing dull, fragile and worn-out hair. The Beleric fruit also helps in making hair shiny and manageable. It is a natural and essential herb for diminishing the effect of premature grey hair. It has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that help in nourishing the natural tone of the skin.


Benefits :

1. Treats dandruff
2. Sustains scalp health
3. Improves lustre of hair
4. Best Suited for acne prone skin, acne marks and blemishes.

Please note :

  • The product is meant for external use only.
  • Please do a patch test before use if you have any skin/hair issues.
  • Effects will be gradual and steady since this is a natural product.
  • The colour of the product may change over time but its efficacy will remain the same.